You & Me & Dreamhack

so I´ve been to dreamhack 4 times now and this will be my 5th time, I´ve been there talking to other gamers checking out games, matches, Starcraft  finales, talking with media and  this summer I also got to try the pre alpha of battlefield 3, But I never had a place there, I never played games for 24/7 there soooooo.

So Now I guess it´s time for me to be there 100% the full event & I want you to be there with me,  a trip to sweden sounds awesome right?! 🙂

So what Is dreamhack ? 

it´s the paradise for us gamers, e-sports,games,computers,consoles, music,lasershows and more geeky activitys everything in one place, its the WORLD´S LAGEST digital festival .

Date & place ? 

Thursday 24th of november to Sunday 27th of november

Elmia  Jönköping sweden

Where Will Nerdphilia be?

I´ll be here.. RIGHT HERE *click on the picture*   Come and say hi to me or sit next to me!

. I´ll be there with my closest e-friends and ofc we will be there with our xboxes and play battlefield  3 😉

read more about the event here & get your ticket : 


and check out my vlog about it:

3 svar to “DREAMHACK W2011”

  1. alpha set januari 21, 2011 den 8:11 f m #

    clan alpha says fuck u wwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooopppppp if u ugly send me a message to my gamertag: DA 730 set u fucking lesbian

    • Shades februari 4, 2011 den 2:35 e m #

      clan alpha wtf is that? I think someones monkeys have left the zoo ´.Gamertag hahah who cares about your gamertag. Is your momy paying your goldmembership or have you stolen your friends candy cash.

      Get a Life Nerdphilia Is da Shiet

  2. Dennis DalRot (@DalRot) oktober 10, 2011 den 9:21 f m #

    Sounds Awsom Phila! I think I will join DHW aswell but as a visitor for atleast one day!


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