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Real friends are online!

19 Sep

I´m somewhere where there are 2000 people living, a supermarket, a highway, the anxiety is growing. For two weeks I’ll be here .. A week has already passed. I grew up here.  I said bye to my mean ”friends” when I was leaving this place when I was 19 So has no one to spend time with except my family who is best family you can ever get, but you know it gets a little boring in the evenings. Especially when you’re used to spend at least two hours in the evenings with youre e-friends over Xbox Live.

I chose not to bring my xbox this time, I tend to do otherwise as girls are known for. ”Pack too much” but instead to pack clothes o shoes and stuff I pack my Xbox and a loooooooooots of  games.But not this time. I start to miss my e-friends now. How can you be so tight with a few guys that you have never met before? We talk about everything & then I mean EVERYTHING like from games to hairy parts of you´re body,cakes and Harry Potter. Me and my four closest e-friends. We are all different ages o the majority are younger than me .. several years .. should I and Mixie feel old? (we´re the same age) But I think we can learn from them and they can learn from Aunt Nerdphilia. I can not tell you how we stumbled into each other but it was over Xbox Live in some strange way. If any of you Znooker, Puttenutt, Mixie or Villepille remember can you please explain to me haha. At Dreamhack Winter 2011, we all going to sit with our Xboxes and play Battlefield 3, This is going to be the very first time we meet .

You have no idea how fun it will be. I hope the time run, beacuse now I want to go home to my xbox = D. This  sound like the world’s love of explanations, an explanation where I forget my boyfriend. He is, after all icing on the cake and a little better than xbox,  Can you belive that he can handle a non girly Xbox Live dependent crazy nerd, THAT NERDS .. THAT IS LOVE ❤    He did a guest post once talking about what its like to date a gamer : http://nerdphilia.net/2011/07/29/what-its-like-to-date-a-gamer

Take care of your E-firends, one day they can save your life!