The Future Of Gaming IS HERE!!!

16 Sep

in a lot of my post about kinect and playstationmove I´ve been trying to put words to my dreams about = WHAT I want in the future of gaming, but it´s hard to describe in words about this awesomeness way of gaming.  I don´t diffrent character or less violence I WANT THIS!!!!!

thnx to my dear bfbc2 friend Embodied / Jonathan  & you other guys who have tweet/mail this to me.. I almost fell in love with all of you!  :DDD

Nerdphilia Talking With Older non-gamer About Games & Gender!

12 Sep

Had a discussion with an old wise non-gaming family member, about this gender and gaming and he made me think of it in an other perspective. Gaming for me & for you is everything, we live and breathe gaming all of our spare time.  We think of games in every way, so i thought that it was fun to hear thoughts from another non-gamer what he thinks about this.

And he said  ”aint gaming you´re chance to bring you´re fantasies to life in a virtual environment? do all the things you dreamed of doing, being who you want to be and act the way you want to, just do whatever without getting shit for how you act or what you do. One way to express  you’re feelings as someone else that doesn’t exist.  Why is it then kind of debate about the characters? sex, religion? whatever. If it was in the media and more in real life, with REAL people.  Then I would understand better, because in real life is NOT OKEY , But the people who´re making the game want money and guys are still their biggest market so of course they add sexy characters men or women, it sells and they make money from it so they then can make bigger and better games,

Games aint reality its youre fantasie.” 

let me think… lets think…

Nerdphilia DISLIKE feminist debate about games!

10 Sep
Swedish media have in 2011 had a very in my opinion unnecessarily large focus on women and games. I assume that  female girls feel now in 2011 more accepting than ever and dare to say more about the the producers and the gaming world in general, if they didnt feel accepted they why would they even talk about this?.
Yesterday I read a question in a bigg swedish magazine called Aftonbladet and the questions was:
”Is the too few games for women?”Here’s what the poll right now.

Seriously There is a game for everyone,.. I mean theres are guys who like to play the sims and there are girls who like the same kind of game.  ITS NOT ABOUT THE FREAKING GENDER, There are no specific girlgame or boygame. But what I annoys me is that this eternal debate never ends cease. Where is the problem anyway? Why are not girls happy? Why am I happy, why dosent i feel like anything need to change…Im a women? .
ten years ago I meet these problems, 12 year old girl playing counterstike with 14 year old boys = There you have problems, girls don´t know anything by then and boys in that age in a group can be verry rude. So often i didnt talk with them i jsut game.  But in that game there are a loot of under agekids and they are rude.. thats a facts they are like trolls on the internet you can´t just say to them  ”be nice”  ..
 That they are too few games for the women’s = BULLSHIT!!
that there are too few female characters in games is in my opinion also bullshit, that women are too sexy .. Don´t play the game if they are so terribly sexy. I don´t mind being a sexy badass woman in some games. We see Female characters more and more  but as soon as it announced  the female characters, you guys are never pleased, it becomes a hell of a chat about the women look young, to sexy, not normally…and more.  Like When BioWare announced the female characters to masseffect 3.   I LOVED those shepards.
we want the games to be realistic? shooter games, for example, there are only men in an army (yeah i know that there is a few girls but hey…) but this is the reality. Police officers and firefighters are usually men, technicians are usually men. If We check on pony games where are the men? they stand at the hayloft o throwing hay. *yiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaa*
I’m  accustomed to constantly get shit of girls, partly because I never understood them still don´t do. The question is why I dont get upset about all these ”little things” that the other women in the gaming world seems to be upset about.Guys turns to me o say they are tired of being opinion devalues ​​the game world’s women all the time, they get the feeling that they’re doing something wrong though they do nothing.

Maybe some girls are just jealous.. beacuse..well..look at Tomb Raider she´s hot^^ Can´t we  just be thankful that we have the fabulous opportunity to play games and we get a part out of the development, you’d be surprised how many out there who would kill to play the games you have access to. There is a game for everyone. If you Don´t like a certain genre of games, you do not, and of course you have the opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts, but please accept the work of those behind the games, think about that they have put in money and soul for this game, they have not made the game to annoy you or even make you upset.

(I know that my spelling and gramma aint the best, but why do you think I´m doing this? this is my lesson and I´m learning. Fighter you know.) 

Like a Boss…

8 Sep

In Case Of 8-Bit Emergency Break Glass!

7 Sep

In Case Of 8bit Emergency

By etsy seller straitwurly.  to bad it´s allready sold out.. no wonder why!^^  I would love to have it!

Nerdphilia in the dark with Allan Wake !

7 Sep

These past days I have been a little off here, I´m thinking very much about the future and when I do it I´m often very focused on playing and training so these days I have been playing Allan Wake  and damn its a very mental game & it was very hard to stop playing it when you wanted to know more o more about the story & if I was able to save Alice. The best is still that they are different episodes so you can take a break and get some sleep  thats what humans  apparently do at night.  I Was a little disappointed in the end .. or yeah .. partly because they were not any real end and partly because we do not know when / if Allan wake 2 comes out .. or do you know anything? Plz tell me..The most remarkable of the game was enough that you collect coffee thermoses and they are everywhere and where you least expect it to be that take away some of the seriouspieces even when accumulated a certain amount of thermoses are lockup an achivementet :

”Damn Good Cup of Coffee” 20G


 the same applies Berry / Barry Allan’s friendwho dresses up in Christmas lights, I really love it when the fatal serious piece breaks offwith a little humor .. ”The Light scare away the vampires” he says with a special proud tone ofvoice that made ​​me laugh my ass of. Now I’ll put up some games on Swedish ebay /tradera to afford this autumn’s upcoming games. The reason why I think so much is because I am looking a new job and do not really know which way I should go and what is right for me .. Then I feel old … 21 years. I´m going to start looking for an extra job to get any income then we will see. Well hope you guys are okey!  🙂


Vlog: GirlGaming Night Event!

1 Sep

Xbox 360 joins PS3 with new 3D update!

31 Aug

I am the onlyliving human that dosnt get so fascinated over 2011’s 3d hype  anyhow now xbox also got this 3D update, The new update allows users to enabled 3D for use with 3D TV sets. The text reads ”Enable 3D to use stereoscopic 3D in games and experiences that support it.

Wonder if xbox will have 3D movies as well.. I´m thinking from Netflicks and SKY.  Hellooooo there future!

THIS IS HOW GAMING SHOULD BE LIKE =D  (from the movie Gamer)

Dragon Age 2 DLC: Legacy Review

31 Aug

Woop woop   Aint she one hot Dragon Age Character? .. this is the first time I play with a female character.. otherwise I perfer men ^^


Anyhow I´ve been playing Dragon Age II  DLC Legacy :  I never really been a fan of RPG games just beacuse I want action and I want it NOW .. okey I´ve been gaming a lot of GuidWars but ehm thats an MMORPG?! and damn  can´t wait to get SWORT  okeeeeeeeey I think I like RPG´s  anyway.. ..  But I got myself Dragon Age II  have to admit that  I havent play the Dragon Age before. I also got the DLC Lagacy (big thnx to lionswhisper @ twitter)  Legacys is  Bioware & EA´s first DLC pack for their fantasy RPG Dragon Age 2 .

Lagacy was a new fresh DLC, new environments, new monsters and lots of strategic thinking.

You make this trip In an effort to uncover the dark secret behind this focus to get Hawke’s blood, me and my  awesome party venture deep inside the Mountains to explore an old prison. Hawke’s deceased father, Malcolm, played an important role involving a darkspawn creature,for these two hours you’ll find out exactly how these two are related (Soo close to spoiler) You will be spending the two hours walking through familiar dwarves and darkspawn, you will meet new enemies when you’re on your way through the dirty corridors of the prison.  One thing I like about this DLC is that its more puzzles and thinking in some spots.. enemies will come but they are not dumb!  Throughout your battles, you gain a powerful, class-specific weapon that you can customize with magic attributes of your choice, increasing its power as you delve deeper into the prison.

first time I meet 2 of these animals I literally screaming ” AJM GÅNNA DAAAAAAAAJ” = swenglish for  ”I´m going to die”, but nope I didn’t  but I became the master Monster- butcher 😉

I´ve been reading in few forums and talking with rpg fans and I figure out  that people where complaining about dragon age II  that the first game where a lot better, but well I´ve only been playing Dragon AgeII  and that + Legacy  DLC  =  Is an hell of An awesome trip!

I would give  Legacy DLC : 9  of 10

I had a fun trip even if I´m still an RPG newbie. just beacuse of that I can´t really compare it to other RPG  games, so you RPG lover…*shy*  Maybe one day I will love playing RPG´s as much as I´m playing other games.

one of my readers will have surgery today, an operation which means that he will be able to walk again .. I am thinking about you  today. * E-HUG * ❤  send hugs to @Ronkst on twitter 


30 Aug

the huge nerd inside of me just want to hug them.. this is so damn feaking awesome!  Thxn to my dear friend Tim for sharing this awesomeness!