Name :: Rebecka 

Age :: 21

Live :: Jönköping,Sweden – 

Work :: Searching

Favorite game :: Bf2 &  BfBc2

started blogging: jan 2010

Review:  I would love to help new developers of games, I try them and review them, Helping each other is e-loving .  just mail me!

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4 svar to “Contact/About”

  1. Trevor Paquette december 25, 2010 den 7:32 f m #

    u should add me uc sask sniper xbox live

  2. LinK december 27, 2010 den 5:42 f m #

    Wow! Hi, angel girl. Can I let you play game? I wanna to get married you??

  3. Bigcockforu juni 6, 2011 den 7:31 e m #

    ur fucking hot, i wanna fuck ur face and pussy and cum inside u

    • micke juni 17, 2011 den 2:13 e m #

      ¨that comment is just pure gay..
      hold your fantasys for your self


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