It´s a new life, it´s a new place!

15 Mar

since I moved to the moon so much has happened. The blog and youtube has suffered, Since I have no time or energy. New jobs and more to come. As a  medic it seem to be no problem getting a job.  I´m working right now at the hospital and just love it, and With job  you get money and with money you can reach other goals. I´m not going to work at the hospital all my life,my childhood dream of becoming a police officer is far bigger. But in order to enter the police academy, I have to be fit and have a driving license so those 2 are my goals now and in order to achieve these goals you need money, money takes time, but Ihave time, I will soon turn 22 April 28 . When I was 15 I wrote a note to myself. ”When I’m 25 I’ll Have A boyfriend and work as a police officer,”  dear 15 year old me ..I’m still not 25 yet! 🙂

Take care Fellow gamers, new reviews coming up!

Damn Favorite game : Sims 2  – haha 



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