”when I grow up I wanna be a GirlGamer = PORNSTAR!”

24 Sep

The other day I saw an article ”pornstars who love videogames will satisfy all your fantasies” I did not click on it or read it beacuse I was thinking that it is certainly a good title with no content just to attract the readers. Many of you who follow me know that I feel welcome in the gaming world and have nothing against attractive, slender female characters. Since the game for me is the fantasy and reality is reality even though we may not always want them to be so. As a gamer you can easily just look in the gaming world and forget where the main problem lies. But I do have a limit and my limit is more ”what  is acceptebelt in real life!”

If I was twelve years old  in 2011 and have the same passion for the games that I have today, I would like to have a role model, someone to look up to, or simply find others who share the same interest and see what they do on the Internet, and to feel that I´m not alone =  for the crisis between accepting yourself and being accepted by others or to feel accepted by others thought I was a huge play at that age .. If I would search for that I Would then googling around on the gaming event for women or girls, or ”gamer girls” then I would to 95% end up on one side with scantily clad girls where you can buy playing time with girls who have there webcams on and makes you feel special.

Now back to the article, later I saw that someone linked a link on Facebook for ”http://www.pwnedbygirls.com” I thought ”shit what is this, hoping for strong self-assured e-sports girls.”

But NO. You are free to click on the link a bunch pornstars with gaming events and play with / for you. The next event is a ”topless” event. The images would fit in a pornmagazin and it looks literally like she poops out games on the couchI will only show pictures of a stone because a stone is in reality a better role model than these women.





2 svar to “”when I grow up I wanna be a GirlGamer = PORNSTAR!””

  1. Nerdphilia september 25, 2011 den 12:08 e m #

    it’s time to give you lesson you never , never , never and never forget and you your boyfriend Gay !

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss

    I’m your dear Santa and I’m always watching you


    wait and see yourself

  2. Frances september 28, 2011 den 2:22 e m #

    What is this? I don’t even…
    No sorry, I am speachless.


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