Can we start the hype over BF3 Demo now?

21 Sep

Hey guys, So we have a date.. the Open beta will be open from 29 september (you will get it 48h earlier if you pre-order bf3) .  Beta = OPERATION MÉTRO  again ^^

(why am I so late with this awesome information? because I was eating cookies yesterday so now im a ball! *woopwoop*=  It was my dad´s birthday ) 

Well we have been playing the pre alpha or the Alpha version so it´s going  to be very exciting to see how much  differs it is from alpha to beta.

I know that many are disappointed, because maybe we  expected more and something new, but it is probably because we were many who had the opportunity to play the alpha version, so many bf fans played that for hours and hours  but really, in how many other games you get the access to play the alpha version? (trolololo)

okey it´s  sad that we´re not going to be able to play a new map or a new game mode, but this is still a beta not a demo we need to remember that even if we just want more more more HAHA.


I bet that Haters gonna play anyways just like Demize99 said on twitter!


2 svar to “Can we start the hype over BF3 Demo now?”

  1. Eddie Gemini Alvarez september 21, 2011 den 12:32 e m #

    Hi Nerd!!! Well first of all, I wish to inform you of some really really great news. Today I cancelled my preserved Modern Warfare 3 game to buy….here it come, wait for it, YES! Battlefield 3!!! (crowd goes wild) hahaha. Let me give you a little history to why this is so amazing and incredible. See i been a fan of Call of Duty since 2005 when they brought out call of duty 2. Over the years Activision and Infinity Ward have overachieved my expectations of their capacities. However, first it was Black Ops…i am still ashamed of that game having the title Call of Duty. Now, Modern Warfare 3 is just a re-mastered Black Ops thats it. I expected more from Activision. Moving on, I wanted to ask you about the dog tags that you have. See for the past 6 months I have been loggin in to Power Up Rewards to get my dog tags but it only said ”coming soon” and they never got here. So i wanted to ask you if you got it with your points or did you buy it elsewhere?

  2. Alexander september 22, 2011 den 12:19 e m #

    WOW! Interesting news! News long expected!!!


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