Nerdphilia Talking With Older non-gamer About Games & Gender!

12 Sep

Had a discussion with an old wise non-gaming family member, about this gender and gaming and he made me think of it in an other perspective. Gaming for me & for you is everything, we live and breathe gaming all of our spare time.  We think of games in every way, so i thought that it was fun to hear thoughts from another non-gamer what he thinks about this.

And he said  ”aint gaming you´re chance to bring you´re fantasies to life in a virtual environment? do all the things you dreamed of doing, being who you want to be and act the way you want to, just do whatever without getting shit for how you act or what you do. One way to express  you’re feelings as someone else that doesn’t exist.  Why is it then kind of debate about the characters? sex, religion? whatever. If it was in the media and more in real life, with REAL people.  Then I would understand better, because in real life is NOT OKEY , But the people who´re making the game want money and guys are still their biggest market so of course they add sexy characters men or women, it sells and they make money from it so they then can make bigger and better games,

Games aint reality its youre fantasie.” 

let me think… lets think…


3 svar to “Nerdphilia Talking With Older non-gamer About Games & Gender!”

  1. puttenuttenutt september 12, 2011 den 5:54 e m #

    Feminister är dumma i huvudet, Det har jag alltid sagt.

    Come at me bro.

  2. Nerdphilia september 12, 2011 den 7:44 e m #

    heeeloooooooo baby i’m back 😀

    your haters sent me something very cool
    i’ll update it on your .com soon
    Woop Woop achievement unlocked
    it’s not about you it;s about your boss and your friends and your freaking Chefen

    i think i love swedish people for that ha ha ❤

  3. Lars Lundquist (@GeekySwede) september 13, 2011 den 6:55 f m #

    Lider med dig nu när han är tillbaka men var lugn vi ska sätta dit honom tids nog 😀 Han kommer göra nått misstag tids nog. Var så säker på det 😀


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