Nerdphilia DISLIKE feminist debate about games!

10 Sep
Swedish media have in 2011 had a very in my opinion unnecessarily large focus on women and games. I assume that  female girls feel now in 2011 more accepting than ever and dare to say more about the the producers and the gaming world in general, if they didnt feel accepted they why would they even talk about this?.
Yesterday I read a question in a bigg swedish magazine called Aftonbladet and the questions was:
”Is the too few games for women?”Here’s what the poll right now.

Seriously There is a game for everyone,.. I mean theres are guys who like to play the sims and there are girls who like the same kind of game.  ITS NOT ABOUT THE FREAKING GENDER, There are no specific girlgame or boygame. But what I annoys me is that this eternal debate never ends cease. Where is the problem anyway? Why are not girls happy? Why am I happy, why dosent i feel like anything need to change…Im a women? .
ten years ago I meet these problems, 12 year old girl playing counterstike with 14 year old boys = There you have problems, girls don´t know anything by then and boys in that age in a group can be verry rude. So often i didnt talk with them i jsut game.  But in that game there are a loot of under agekids and they are rude.. thats a facts they are like trolls on the internet you can´t just say to them  ”be nice”  ..
 That they are too few games for the women’s = BULLSHIT!!
that there are too few female characters in games is in my opinion also bullshit, that women are too sexy .. Don´t play the game if they are so terribly sexy. I don´t mind being a sexy badass woman in some games. We see Female characters more and more  but as soon as it announced  the female characters, you guys are never pleased, it becomes a hell of a chat about the women look young, to sexy, not normally…and more.  Like When BioWare announced the female characters to masseffect 3.   I LOVED those shepards.
we want the games to be realistic? shooter games, for example, there are only men in an army (yeah i know that there is a few girls but hey…) but this is the reality. Police officers and firefighters are usually men, technicians are usually men. If We check on pony games where are the men? they stand at the hayloft o throwing hay. *yiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaa*
I’m  accustomed to constantly get shit of girls, partly because I never understood them still don´t do. The question is why I dont get upset about all these ”little things” that the other women in the gaming world seems to be upset about.Guys turns to me o say they are tired of being opinion devalues ​​the game world’s women all the time, they get the feeling that they’re doing something wrong though they do nothing.

Maybe some girls are just jealous.. beacuse..well..look at Tomb Raider she´s hot^^ Can´t we  just be thankful that we have the fabulous opportunity to play games and we get a part out of the development, you’d be surprised how many out there who would kill to play the games you have access to. There is a game for everyone. If you Don´t like a certain genre of games, you do not, and of course you have the opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts, but please accept the work of those behind the games, think about that they have put in money and soul for this game, they have not made the game to annoy you or even make you upset.

(I know that my spelling and gramma aint the best, but why do you think I´m doing this? this is my lesson and I´m learning. Fighter you know.) 


4 svar to “Nerdphilia DISLIKE feminist debate about games!”

  1. Krylke september 10, 2011 den 3:52 e m #

    Werry good article. More woman shuld stand there ground like u do. U are werry brave. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Frances september 12, 2011 den 11:14 f m #

    This might be TLDR? 🙂

    I agree with you 100% when it comes to the issue about developing games not with gender specifics but instead type specific. That should include the whole spectra from pink fluffy cute games all the way to the dark, raw and bloody games and all of them should be gender neutral. I agree with this totally!

    But then you sidetrack from the issue at hand and start talking about the gaming community and the social culture (teenage boys) and you completely lost me. I totally understand where you are coming from (since I have been there and probably shared your attitude to it all) and it is very telling that you enjoy being part of a gaming community, to have awesome skills and I think you hope you are judged on those alone (and not your gorgeous looks and cutzie girlie attitude that are FTW! :-)). You think you are able to stand above the perverted, the trolls and the fuckwads by (as I red you) ignoring it and accepting all that as a part of the social gaming culture. Your guy friends tell you they don’t do anything… and they don’t know where they have gone wrong.

    Well I am sorry to inform you that you (and they) are part of the problem and you don’t even understand it. You say you don’t understand women, well let me help you. You say you want to learn new things, well here it goes:

    There is a key issue there and it extremely simple if you cut down to basics.

    Gender, Sexual preference, Race or Religion should not be used for psyching out your opponents. When it comes to lingo, attitude and actions you can still be very verbally kick ass, and a scary frightening opponent without use of these.

    One of the most important things here is that until the quite majority (who claim they dislike harassment and sexism) start putting their foot down and voice their non-approval of this ignorant and juvenile behavior it’s just going to continue. So in fact, if you just sit quietly on the sideline watching this happen YOU are also a part of the problem.

    We should show some intelligence and tolerance. Support our fellow humans by going about the whole gaming community thing using a different language when we’re trying to psyche somebody out. Act with some kind of class and maturity perhaps. It’s not hard and wont take up much time. You dont need to fly the flag and shout the loudest. You just need to say: It’s not ok! 3 little words.

    I know some really intelligent, brilliant and insightful blogs that you can read to grasp the problem and the solution to this. They are in Swedish.

    This is Åsa Roos who is a game developer and gamer, her personal blog is called Discordia. Read this: it’s about all those game developers you talk about in the end of your post that we should think about. ”Poor guys” Well maybe they should do a better job at thinking about us too? It’s their job after all? It’s not only about Laura Croft being all super hawt and sexeh (I AM utterly jealous). 🙂

    This is a blog called Fictionspundare and the author is a vivid girl gamer and feminist called Marelin. Here she is sharing some thought on girls crashing the guys game party culture and why this is a good thing:

    Just for FUN you can also check out:
    Boobs don’t work that way:
    Fat, ugly or slutty:

    Sorry for derailing, but I really think you showed some interest in this issue when you derailed into the “females are so jealous” a la high school attitude and perhaps you would be interested in learning a bit about this whole complex issue. As I said before I agree with you 100% when it comes to not developing games with gender specifics, games are for everyone. Keep up the good work and develop your mind. 🙂

  3. ☆BrisiaCR☆ september 12, 2011 den 1:58 e m #

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, NERDPHILIA!!! I’m veeery happy you wrote this, is exactly what I always want to say about this issue!!!, it makes me very upset that videogame journalists keep this debate on everytime they can. Because is ONLY the ignorant journalists!, why can’t they learn from the developers? they take female gamers seriously otherwise many games wouldn’t have options while customising/choosing a character.

  4. pixelviking september 12, 2011 den 2:41 e m #

    Given that Frances has already summarized most of what I wanted to say, I’ll just add my 5 abreviated cents. 🙂

    I think it’s fantastic that you’re so passionate about gaming and that you’re happy with what’s on offer. There is certainly no need for there to be specific girl games or boy games. I’m with you there. Games should be for everyone. However, that’s where some developers get it wrong.

    For example; I love racing games.
    Is it really too much to ask for me to be able to play as a woman in the game and not have my character dressed like a booby cast member from Jersey Shore? For there NOT to be a bimbo posing on the hood of my car?

    When a game is marketed with tits and ass it alienates me. Not because I’m jelaous or unhappy with my own. (They’re quite perky, thank you.) It’s because it feels like the game is not intended for me.

    It perpetuates the impression of an all boys club.
    If a game genuinely has been made with the ambition to appeal to all audiences – surely they wouldn’t risk pissing off 50% of their potential buyers by portraying their gender as sex objects?


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