Nerdphilia in the dark with Allan Wake !

7 Sep

These past days I have been a little off here, I´m thinking very much about the future and when I do it I´m often very focused on playing and training so these days I have been playing Allan Wake  and damn its a very mental game & it was very hard to stop playing it when you wanted to know more o more about the story & if I was able to save Alice. The best is still that they are different episodes so you can take a break and get some sleep  thats what humans  apparently do at night.  I Was a little disappointed in the end .. or yeah .. partly because they were not any real end and partly because we do not know when / if Allan wake 2 comes out .. or do you know anything? Plz tell me..The most remarkable of the game was enough that you collect coffee thermoses and they are everywhere and where you least expect it to be that take away some of the seriouspieces even when accumulated a certain amount of thermoses are lockup an achivementet :

”Damn Good Cup of Coffee” 20G


 the same applies Berry / Barry Allan’s friendwho dresses up in Christmas lights, I really love it when the fatal serious piece breaks offwith a little humor .. ”The Light scare away the vampires” he says with a special proud tone ofvoice that made ​​me laugh my ass of. Now I’ll put up some games on Swedish ebay /tradera to afford this autumn’s upcoming games. The reason why I think so much is because I am looking a new job and do not really know which way I should go and what is right for me .. Then I feel old … 21 years. I´m going to start looking for an extra job to get any income then we will see. Well hope you guys are okey!  🙂



Ett svar to “Nerdphilia in the dark with Allan Wake !”

  1. PimPim september 7, 2011 den 9:43 f m #

    Damn Philia! Allan Vaken is the joke xD

    It’s a nice atmosphere and a nice storytelling. The thing is – the first years the game was in production it was to be more of a sandbox game. I don’t really like them really. But the thing is with this game was that you could go around and talking to people freely to solve the mystery on the days and in nights you had to run from the creatures. I really think that could work out well, but when it got released it’s a totally diffrent game.
    It’s kind of a nice game in disregard of the boring run-to-part-B-parts. But I really think it could have been so much more.

    And I really hate the collectors achievements in games! And I’m not more delighted when you need to collect TV-shows, coffee bottles, chests, pages, radio shows and everything. It’s so damn stupid! Why can’t they show me which chapters I missed what on? It would have been so much easier then doing it blindly all over again.

    I hope you bought a new game because then you got the Nightmare-DLC for free. In any case you should pick that one up. I don’t want to hype it actually, but I think it was so much scarier then the original.


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