Dragon Age 2 DLC: Legacy Review

31 Aug

Woop woop   Aint she one hot Dragon Age Character? .. this is the first time I play with a female character.. otherwise I perfer men ^^


Anyhow I´ve been playing Dragon Age II  DLC Legacy :  I never really been a fan of RPG games just beacuse I want action and I want it NOW .. okey I´ve been gaming a lot of GuidWars but ehm thats an MMORPG?! and damn  can´t wait to get SWORT  okeeeeeeeey I think I like RPG´s  anyway.. ..  But I got myself Dragon Age II  have to admit that  I havent play the Dragon Age before. I also got the DLC Lagacy (big thnx to lionswhisper @ twitter)  Legacys is  Bioware & EA´s first DLC pack for their fantasy RPG Dragon Age 2 .

Lagacy was a new fresh DLC, new environments, new monsters and lots of strategic thinking.

You make this trip In an effort to uncover the dark secret behind this focus to get Hawke’s blood, me and my  awesome party venture deep inside the Mountains to explore an old prison. Hawke’s deceased father, Malcolm, played an important role involving a darkspawn creature,for these two hours you’ll find out exactly how these two are related (Soo close to spoiler) You will be spending the two hours walking through familiar dwarves and darkspawn, you will meet new enemies when you’re on your way through the dirty corridors of the prison.  One thing I like about this DLC is that its more puzzles and thinking in some spots.. enemies will come but they are not dumb!  Throughout your battles, you gain a powerful, class-specific weapon that you can customize with magic attributes of your choice, increasing its power as you delve deeper into the prison.

first time I meet 2 of these animals I literally screaming ” AJM GÅNNA DAAAAAAAAJ” = swenglish for  ”I´m going to die”, but nope I didn’t  but I became the master Monster- butcher 😉

I´ve been reading in few forums and talking with rpg fans and I figure out  that people where complaining about dragon age II  that the first game where a lot better, but well I´ve only been playing Dragon AgeII  and that + Legacy  DLC  =  Is an hell of An awesome trip!

I would give  Legacy DLC : 9  of 10

I had a fun trip even if I´m still an RPG newbie. just beacuse of that I can´t really compare it to other RPG  games, so you RPG lover…*shy*  Maybe one day I will love playing RPG´s as much as I´m playing other games.

one of my readers will have surgery today, an operation which means that he will be able to walk again .. I am thinking about you  today. * E-HUG * ❤  send hugs to @Ronkst on twitter 



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