Fake Mail About BF3 = Not Awesome!

30 Aug

finally I can publish my blog posts on WordPress, something have been wrong those last days with WordPress but NOW IT WORKS. So this morning I was checking out my mailbox and WOOOOOOOW I got a mail about bf3.. or I wasnt that hyper.. ofc its fake. Who would mail me about a ”Limited Free Battlefield beta Keys”  And then link to some noob site and force me to download some file named ”Svnrhbdsgogns”..  I found out that a few of you guys got the same mail some mailed me about it so I though I made a post about it.  I bet its some scarry troll in that file they want you to download!

Dont do it.. I know you could kill (a banana)  for a key but just don´t.. Bananas also have feelings.. ! Anyhow I like getting mails from you guys, keep on sending them! 😀



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