Gaming Night for GIRLS only!

24 Aug

woop woop Tonight we´re having a gaming night for Girls, no boys allowed,  no I don’t hate you guys but this is a try to make all girls come together and game together in one place.

For gamers or girls who never played a game before they can just come and try or just talk about the digital culture with other girls.



TV4 Jönköping are coming to make a reportage about the night,  right now there is games everywhere every kind of games, xbox , pc  and pearls. You can Try to make you´re own games via kodu,  tryout some pc games, chilling with xbox games in our xbox room


or why not play dance central on kinect.

Perfect place too meet other girls with the same passion for the digital culture or games  or for girls that are just curious about this world.. This is also an awesome end for me in SpelArena before I start searching for a new job, I know I havent write about SpelArena as much as you guys wanted to but I´ll tell you guys more about what I have been up to those last 6 month.



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