”Why am I So Damn Awesome?!”

15 Aug

One of the questions I get in my mailbox sometimes is just this :   Why do I always say in the end of my videos that ”don’t forget that YOUR awesome just the way you´re” ?   why is beacuse everyone don´t belive in themselfs and if you don´t belive in yourself you can´t do anything good or be happy over your work.  I know it’s not an easy thing to do and no I don´t always wake up with a smile on my face and look to the mirror and say ”damn.. I´m awesome”   its kinda like this quote:

” YOU are the CREATOR of your own destiny”

like on YouTube there is a lot of trolls and haters and yeah ofcourse they are all over the internet, but I don´t care any more  I just lol them troll them back och blame it on harry potter (joke)  but if you give them you´re time and you´re energy you will lose and you will always and only think of the negative comments and not the positive feedback..  When I started to get  over 200 views on my YouTube videos and all the trolls woke up  I always had to  comment back and answer those weird comments I didn’t see all the good positive feedback and now when I look at it  its 95% positive and 5% trolls.  I don´t  care if someone comment and say that I´m ugly and boring, because we all have different thought but if someone give me feedback or something I can think of thats only postive.   We have to remember that what you´re doing is

nr1 : for you 

nr2 : for everyone else

if you don´t love it then don´t do it, don´t force yourself to do something, and if you want something then you can get it just stay strong!

I got this video this morning so I just had to write about it..he´s  a swedish YouTube that had problems with meancomments and thumbs down and stuff:  check it out :



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