Battlefield Community Are Saving lives! <3

4 Aug

Gamers care, I care, we care!

  First Person Savior is a event in support of Somalian hunger relief.  This is our chance to help others, help those who need it the most and Somalia needs our help more than ever. The battlefield community is huge and we together can save lives and I KNOW that we can do it.. WE CARE. This Saturday August 6th at 9 PM and 4 PM  there will be a live ->  stream hosted at first person saviors Offical page <-

 on  Daniel Matros him self saying :

” – I am glad and also proud to be a part of such a fantastic community such as the Battlefield community. For almost 10 years now, gamers all around the world have shown their support for this franchise with the utmost passion and commitment. This blog post is more than just a post. This is a helping hand and a voice from the entire Battlefield community. The ongoing tragedy in Somalia is something that should not go unseen or unheard. Let´s do what we can to help support this cause with every bit of dedication and compassion. –

 you can read more on my favorite site & also on and the official site  or donate right away if you click here :

Battlefield  Community COME ON.. WE CAN DO THIS.. WE´RE AWESOME!! 

#somalianhungerrelief on twitter




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