What its like to DATE A GAMER!

29 Jul

 im in love and he´s not a ”gamer”..Now I know that youre all in shock but he made this blog post to let you all now how it is to date a gamer (me) : 

Have you ever read The Dice Man? It’s a book about a man who experiments with his own personality using a standard 6-sided die. It started out with him using the die to make simple decisions such as “should I go to the store to shop for groceries?” An even number could indicate the answer “yes” and an odd number would indicate a “no”.  Later on he went more and more extreme (or perhaps crazy is the right word). He would i.e. write down 6 different types of personalities and let the die decide which one to adopt. So what’s it like to date a gamer? What if you would replace the 6 sides of the dice with a stack of Xbox-games (lying all over floor by the way)? Each one affecting her in various ways when it comes to her mood, personality and behavior.

 Lately she’s been playing Shadow of the Damned… I swear I can see small nubs on her forehead (I’m guessing they are horns). When she was angry at someone she would talk about the evil things she wanted to do to that person. That made me wonder if I should’ve laughed or gotten scared. I’m wondering if there is a game for Xbox in which you play the role of a housewife that does everything of her man. If so, give me a hint and I will buy it for her. (Awaiting obligatory you’re-a-sexist-pig-comments). She’s also been gaming some Harry Potter  and the Deathly Hallows part 2. When we’re out doing stuff and she wants to get something done she starts waving her arm like she was holding a staff or something. Don’t you worry though, it’s no embarrassing or anything. I mean she says the spell out loud (i.e. “Wingardium Leviosah”). If she just waved her arm without saying the spell, now THAT would be embarrassing… She’s waiting for the mailman to deliver the kinect she ordered and she already bought The Biggest Loser. I hope she doesn’t take after the hardcore personal trainers and start screaming at me.

We usually eat dinner pretty late. It’s kind of hard to get her to come and sit down by the table and eat. If you call her, you’ll get responses such as “only one more achievement” and “I need to get to the next checkpoint”. When we got together, she insisted to one of her e-friends that I wasn’t human, apparently I’m a Xbox. I’m lucky though, these are my biggest problems. Which says a lot about how easy she is to deal with. I’m guessing her being easy to deal with has to do with her patience (which might come from playing all of those games?).

I’m not in love with her DESPITE the occasional craziness. In part, I’m in with love her BECAUSE of it. She has a talent for stirring things up and making fun out of something boring.


Peace out.



4 svar to “What its like to DATE A GAMER!”

  1. MoCa juli 29, 2011 den 10:26 e m #

    Vad rart 🙂

  2. Duke augusti 1, 2011 den 7:32 e m #

    And with one post, the fantasies of countless nerdphilia admirers are dashed. Guess I’ll blame it on Harry Potter!

  3. Pepijn Gansevles september 5, 2011 den 11:47 e m #

    Congrats NerdPhilia 😉

    I gotta say I’m a bit sad it’s not me, but hey, so do all other followers 😛

    I’m glad you’ve found the one guy you can spend a lot of time with =)
    Maybe you’ll make a vlog with a few comments from him too =)

    I’m really happy for you and I’ll hope this relationship will last very long 😉

    Greetings from @XonaTanoX and Pepijn Gansevles (fb, G+)


  1. Real friends are online! « Nerdphilia - september 19, 2011

    […] You have no idea how fun it will be. I hope the time run, beacuse now I want to go home to my xbox = D. This  sound like the world’s love of explanations, an explanation where I forget my boyfriend. He is, after all icing on the cake and a little better than xbox,  Can you belive that he can handle a non girly Xbox Live dependent crazy nerd, THAT NERDS .. THAT IS LOVE ❤    He did a guest post once talking about what its like to date a gamer : http://nerdphilia.net/2011/07/29/what-its-like-to-date-a-gamer […]


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