EPIC: Star Wars XBOX 360 system + kinect

21 Jul

I´m one of those big star wars fans and  I almost got an epic e-tear in my eye when I heard about this epic star wars xbox!! AND HELL YEAH OFC IM GETTING ONE OF THOSE!

Its comming out later this year  and sure right this have to be the coolest limited edition xbox system by far, first I saw this GoW system and I was like ” ZOMG thats awesome”  :

but  then I found this.. can you belive it ?!  Star wars xbox..  Its launching alongside kinect star wars, The included Kinect will be i white to match the system, and the wireless controller is a shiny gold and it was made to look like C-3PO.so ofc, we will have an xbox system made up to look like R2-D2 and there is more  , there is suppose to  be R2-D2 sounds played when you powering it or ejecting disc. this in one of the  –> sound <–

And I bet there is even more secrets about this awesome starwars system.

just look at it.. Come to mami!!

more PIC´s here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/majornelson/sets/72157627120836723/

Star Wars Xbox 360Star Wars Xbox 360


4 svar to “EPIC: Star Wars XBOX 360 system + kinect”

  1. Yubis_Touchdown juli 21, 2011 den 6:55 e m #

    I’m also a Star Wars fan for sure. So i gonna want this, time to get rid off my old. X360 Arcade. and get one of those. I don’t give a damn about kinect. so maybe i would trow it or give it away. xD

    Greetings from Mexico Nerdphilia.

  2. Bexy juli 21, 2011 den 9:09 e m #

    Omg that’s so awesome. Too bad we just bought a new xbox 😦

  3. Herp the derp juli 22, 2011 den 1:24 e m #

    I think I´m going to puke, both of the consoles are awful 😉 Even though I´m a huge fan of Gears or the gow series is the only reason I´ve got a xbox instead of ps3, I´d never buy that console. The only + on the star wars console is the start up button I really like the color

  4. Linda Larsson juli 26, 2011 den 8:26 f m #

    Skitsnyggt ju! ypperligt tillfälle för mig att äntligen skaffa xbox ❤ Star Wars-fan som man är :D:D wiii


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