Review : Shadows Of The Damned!

19 Jul

well if you´re like me and hate reading all those reviews, don´t read this ..  I´ll upload a video review of it in a couple of days when I get my new camera! 🙂 but for you people who hate my vlogs here you are :

Dad : ”hey hows youre day?”

Nerdphilia : Well its been a hard day, I have been killing all those annoying demons the whole day just to get that dumb girl, I don’t even think she’s going to be a human when I finally get to her…!

Dad says :  Okej.. that’s a not good..  those stupid demons!

So at first when I heard about Shadows of the damned I was skeptical  I though this was going to be an ”okey” game but without a good story.. BUT WOW  what a  nice surprise.

you play as Garcia Hotspur, a demon hunter whose girlfriend Paula has been kidnapped and dragged down to hell but Fleming a demon king with a couple of red eyes. But YOURE mission is simple : work your way through hell by killing all the demons you encounter, before entering Fleming’s castle, kicking his ass and getting Paula back. A simple plan isnt it?  haha but It aint that simple trust me. While you´re killing all those ugly demons you hear all these awesome mean less jokes all the time.  Its kinda reminds me of duke nukem, old nukem quotes=  AWESOMENESS!!!.

How about the aiming :  you can move around when you’re aiming  WOHOOW (really hate when you can´t do that in a game) – the ability to roll out-of-the-way of incoming attacks is an awesome key to be fast and get thru a lot of demons . I really like when you did some headshots and its was like the sniper shoot in bulletstorm can´t really explain the feeling just look at this pic:


This game has a lot of different puzzles so sometimes you really have to be a smart killer. Its an awesome mix of puzzle games and brutal ”just freaking kill those ugly demons the epicway”  game.  Besides all these demons that should be taken care of, the player must pay attention to whether there are light sources near where he / she is fighting because the dark is not necessarily just normal nice dark.  The dark can be the darkest of darkness that are in hell and you find yourself inside this one begins to rapidly lose energy. The only solution is toeither get to a brighter location, or simply light a goatlamp (lmfao  no I´m not kidding) by using the ”light bullet”.  To get youre energy level back you have to take a drink or a shot of tequilla.

But really you play as a pretty good-looking man and he´s totally sold for his blonde ”angel” , really dude if this was real life I don´t think you ever go thru so much close to death experience just to Maaaaaaaaybe get you´re girl in the end,  and she’s not even a human or ehm well.. I dont really know what she is.. But shes even tries to kill you a few times, you have to run away from her and if she kiss you then you´re screwd!!  That was the one thing I was like ”TOFFEL/ SLIPPER!! ” (toffel is a slipper in swedish and that’s when a guy is doing everything fo a girl or doing everything she says,  I really hate those guys ) ..   If the dude I like turn out to be a zombie and tries to kill me … damn then he´s dead for sure, I´ll bring my SAW *Brooaaaaaaaaaawn^*!

how about the graphics:  It´s totally okey, its good but  its not WOW you do get the feeling of this scary environment and all you can see in the dark is some demon eyes!  Well its an awesome mix of scary and hilarious.  I was never scarred playing this game, I was more like ”BRING IT BAD BOY”

Any how I really like this game and if you ever go to hell I know exactly how to kill all these noob demons!

Achivement unlockt :  Being a demon killer pro!




SHADOWS OF THE DAMED GETS 9/10 Bert karlsson heads,  BUY IT NOW!!! 



2 svar to “Review : Shadows Of The Damned!”

  1. PimPim juli 19, 2011 den 7:35 e m #

    Saknar innehåll om den skruvade och barnsliga humorn och musiken. Det är Suda och Yamaoka va fan!


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