Girls on Xbox live…YEAH RIGHT…

18 Jul

When I first saw this page I was like ”AWESOME  a facebook page where we can put all gamergirls from all over the world in one spot”  But well.. I guess it wasnt that awesome, well I do like gamers no matter of gender but it says ”Girls on Xboxlive”  not  ”Guys the girls are here come and see”  I know that playing with a girl is new for a lot of you guys but hey what if its hard for us girls to find other girls to play with that like the same games as I do.   Well its still easier to find gamergirls here than on some other xbox live page on facebook but still…  Why all this hyper over gamer girls?  well I know its nice to play with someone from the other gender with the same interest but is that all? hmm maybe I´m just over reacting.. I should keep on thinking about this.


Ett svar to “Girls on Xbox live…YEAH RIGHT…”

  1. Derp the herp juli 21, 2011 den 12:12 f m #

    Börja häng på någon spelsajt då, t.ex. Det finns gott om spelare av det kvinnliga könet.


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