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15 Jul

Hahahha internet goes *BOM*   when someone found that microsoft where registration that domain name , and   Dont you get it?  this could be the best thing ever happend.. (or the worst)  microsoft +sony  =  Mi-ony BABIES!

Nothing suprise me by now, and I read somewhere before that some people already have been speculated about this that a one-console future maybe on there way and well This is highly improbable ofc.

But at the same time Microsoft buyig domains… maybe just so no one else can take it, maybe they dont have any plans but know that this will be an awesome mix and give them some free marketing if they just buy that domain name.. And well it works.. but still there’s probably nothing behind it.  But well this one-console future is always an interesting discussion (google it) .

What do you think?

microsoft -




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