Battlefield Dice interview in swedish TV4!

15 Jul

Dice in the news , a lot of you people have been mailbombing me because the swedish news are talking about Dice and battlefield 3 &  I know you guys don´t understand our trololololo language so here I´m about to tell you what they said in a short post,  I did what I could and now I´m tired as hell so read and goodnight!

First out is :

Dice  general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson:

really excited about the result many years of wear, very great success is expected at all times been  forward the brand Battlefield since 2002, and this is defernitift the largest we’ve ever done. If we succeed with this, we hope to become a top 3 world leaders

What if Dice fails with battlefield 3? 

It’s not on the map, we are not allowed to fail. We try not to look at the negative, but our owners are not so short that they would do anything directly, if we not go so far with this product that we wanted to then  we will continue with the next product.

how does dice and battlefield put it more internationally?

We have Always work in an international market, the positioning is really about the type game we are doing and which players are there, who like this type of game.

What are Sweden and dice for the international gameindusti?

I’m pretty sure that the dice are of international is : quality,definetift responsiveness to listen to what players want, as much contact with the players as possible.

Why do you think Swedish game development are so good?

very competent, not just us but all the companies here in Sweden .. Always been a great technological interest of many, large range of broadband and so on. there have been good conditions.

EA very good collaboration we have delivered success after success last with Battlefield Bad Company 2
We really enjoy having them in the background and with the possibility that the clean marketing.

how are you going to with all violence  ? now you are more realistic than ever before, to kill others if o over again how are you going there on how it affects young people?

a change we did was that we have raised the age limit to 18 years which is very important because our audience ranges from 18 years and up to 34y.o. so our games are not for youths, or they are for people who are from 18 years onwards dice toned down intrusively violence oassault on civilians, Karl Magnus ”our goal is abosolut not whitewash war but we want to tell a story just like books and movies can do

you can see a problem in that they become a ”soft” painting of the war except that it does not show as much blood and killing civilians such as reality?

no, I do not think I think the opposite that it is better to cut down on those because there’s nothing self-defeating in trying nåupp any realism to educate people on how terrible war really is, but if you’re interested in that topic, you get hopefully learn more about it at school o watch the documentaries and the like, these are not anything to do with gaming.

Patrik bach:

we know what we have and we are very happy excited about the results.

This is indeed a ”man industry ‘as both a player  and programers you have only one of 10 employees who is a woman, what do you think about that? : 

it’s sorry but on the type of game we do and the type of industry we work in is a male dominated industry, it is not something we actively try to change by making other types of games but we are completely open to those who are interested in working at DICE, regardless of gender or whatever their origin. We are a talent-based company.
(best answer ever if you ask me, its not about men or women its about talent)

Tobias Dahl  Lead Animator;
Lighting Model and final results so much better than ever before and the workflow of the tool isincredibly improved, good example that we can create a whole living world.

really you have to watch it here,   its more intressting to just watch I bet you can get most of the things. Its freaking 17 min of awesomeness .. Otherwise if you still want me to translate it with my bad english mail me at and I´ll fix it tomorrow!

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