”Gaming aint a hobby its a lifestyle” !

14 Jul

I really belive that gaming aint only my hobby I love everypart of this woderful gaming world I´m totally fascinated of it all, so I bought myself some books, I want to read them all in once but I only have 2 eyes… It´s  days like these I wish I was one of those 3 headed demons from ! Shadows of the Damned (yeah I´m playing it right now)  That stupied demon have  not only 2 eyes he have 6 belive how many books about gaming he can read at once ^^ Anyways I normally don´t read books, and these books are in english so wait after reading those I´m going to be a english pro.. or perhaps.. maybe..


3 svar to “”Gaming aint a hobby its a lifestyle” !”

  1. nerdy juli 14, 2011 den 4:09 e m #

    I’m agree with u it’s lifestyle , but do you want this lifestyle just for u ?

    Or others could have a lifestyle like this ? hum ?

    Do you think you are the only one have a life like this ?

    You are not alone , I have same lifestyle ,

    • Nerdphilia juli 14, 2011 den 6:41 e m #

      why do you have a picture of me ? :s
      ofc I don´t think so, many people have the same toughts as I do!

  2. Linda Larsson juli 15, 2011 den 7:20 e m #

    Reality is broken är en kanonbra bok! Love it ❤ 🙂 //Linda


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