You´re NOT Nerdphilia!

10 Jul

I realize pretty fast that when you’re doing you´re ”thing” in a language that almost everyone knows and you having followers from all over the world problems will come.. I think that I had a few fake profiles = people who using my picture and sometimes my name and add all these random dudes… I don´t accept my followers on my private facebook I prefer them on my nerdphilia facebook. But why do I tell you all this?! beacuse last day I got a mail from one guy in USA telling me about this ”Lauren” .. and well it was no surprise it was a fake account again and a picture of me.. But the thing that made me angry was at this persons profile it said that: you could add his/her xbox live account and this is the worst if you send 1200 microsoft points to his/her xbl account he/she would sen picture of ehm me? to you .. THAT IS PRETTY UGLY!
I´m happy that I have all you followers that help me stopping these people.. so a BIG THNX to you all!
BUT just so you all know this Lauren wasnt me..

BUT ANYWAY I´m just started playing bfbc2 on hardcore, I´ve been playing 50% of it now i guess and I’m surprise over my skills 😉

Hope you all had an awesome weekend and take care!


2 svar to “You´re NOT Nerdphilia!”

  1. Ren juli 10, 2011 den 5:22 e m #

    Jeez, people are dumb. 😐 I cannot believe people do that. I mean, I can… but you know.

  2. PimPim juli 10, 2011 den 8:44 e m #

    It’s a hot pic. Of course they’ll use it =)


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