Mission : Make Nerdphilia -> FATphilia!

6 Jul

I´m sitting here waiting to get 1337 subcribers on youtube, why?  because then my friend will make an epic FAT cake!  I like fat cake but I only have 1313 subcribers..so I guess I will be skinny for some more weeks.. Anyhow the healthy pice of gamer that I am just bought myself some strawberries and I found this game in the mailbox so a review will come up..   I watch the trailer before and I´m not lieing if I say that I really enjoy playing brutal-blood-everywhere-Delux-notsodamnserious-ZOMG games so I bet I´m going to have a fun ride.

have you tried it ? or do you wanna ? Tell me everything


Ett svar to “Mission : Make Nerdphilia -> FATphilia!”

  1. Dom juli 6, 2011 den 3:01 e m #

    Jordgubbar… lol, what a name 😀


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