Battlefield fans E-crying!

6 Jul

right now I´m watching all my ”mod”  e-friends back from the battlefield 2 time  e-cying beacuse of this ”news” .

Battlefield 3 will not have a mod tool ? they´re not saying a clearly  ”NOOOOOOO”  so maybe if you e-cry harder and louder then maybe 😉  but I´m sorry.. I dont think that bf3 is going to have a mood tool . But guys you can still play bf2.  this is what i read from gamestar:

”GameStar: Will there be modding tools?

Söderlund: Well, as of now, we are not going to make any modding tools, no.

GameStar: Okay, why?

Söderlund: Because, because of the nature of the set up of levels, of the destruction and all those things… it’s quite tricky.  So we think it’s going to be too big of a challenge for people to make a mod.”

okey .. why?  ”because  if you look at the Frostbite engine, and how complex it is, it’s going to be very difficult for people to mod the game”

seriously At least give the community a chance to try make mods. Woop woop over and out..

What do you think about all this?


4 svar to “Battlefield fans E-crying!”

  1. StrayFire juli 6, 2011 den 2:57 e m #

    mood tools? rofl, your english rocks ^^

    • Nerdphilia juli 6, 2011 den 3:10 e m #

      HAHAHAHA ops.. maybe I should start read what I´m writing xD Sorry

  2. Dom juli 6, 2011 den 2:59 e m #

    Its the same what they said with BC2. No Mod tools because of frostbyte engine.

  3. Dom juli 6, 2011 den 3:00 e m #

    upps, frostbite 😛 😀


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