What If Xbox live Was Free?

4 Jul

the question I ask myself after reading that WoW  are going to be a ”free” game,I was automatic thinking

”well so many people have been paying for that game so I guess they  having all the money in the world by now” .

Then I stopped and looked at my xbox.. and that made me realize that I´m paying my xbox live gold every 3 month ..  199 swedish kronor =  32$  every third month.. so its :

 12/3  = 4 x 32= 128 $  a year + all games that I buy .

 its like I´m buying +1 game every year but I´m actally only buy them to let me be online and talk with my friends and play with them, its not like all the deals on xbox live is more awesome than on playstation network, often  is the same prize but on psn  you don´t have to pay for gaming online. Well I think its well worth the money  I´ll pay because  I just love it and I do prefer xbox before ps3 so I would never kick out my xbox just beacuse of the price.

But really shouldn´t xbox live be free by now? 


2 svar to “What If Xbox live Was Free?”

  1. PimPim juli 4, 2011 den 9:08 e m #

    Everything around playing online works better on 360 rather then on PS3. That’s what I’m paying for.
    But you really should pay for a year at a time. It’s not worth spending that extra money for every third month.

  2. NTM juli 5, 2011 den 3:07 e m #

    Jag ger ungefär 350 kr om året för guld 🙂


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