New Xbox console 2012!

28 Jun

I always said that 2012  will be microsoft year and 2012 going to be freaking amazing,  2011 is good so far but I´m not that hyper over all of E3 2011 news, new kinect games or wiiU? no thnx..

what im hyper for is the new Xbox 720  and it have been in  development since 2006 and on E3 2012 they going to let us hear more about Xbox 720.

Internet (yes internet is a person) say ”a Source with knowledge of Microsoft´s plans” has confirmed that the Xbox 720 will be unveiled at next year´s E3 .  Maybe not a big news for you all but at the same time we  know that xbox 720 aint that far away, and I guess that the rumours will come out soon and say ”you will se the new playstation 4 at E3 2012” as well.

maybe it looks like this :

”you can now also play soccer with you´re console”





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