”I´m at Dreamhack, don´t look at my legs man… ”

23 Jun

Here I am , I´m a gamer and I want girls to feel more accepted and be strong in themselves as a  proud gamer.

I was at Dreamhack, I really like DreamHack just because it’s such a great community, everyone is there to play games and have the same interests. I thought that this is gold mine for me to find new girls that may not have another girl to talk nerdy with or just hear their thoughts and opinions about gaming and dreamhack. I do not care how they dress or how much makeup they have. Most of the girls were very scantily clad attributed to the cold weather and was wearing lots of makeup but there was nothing that ever going to bother me about because interest is not in appearance, there was no queue to the toliets but the mirrors was full of girls who was making there make-up and spruce to themselves and talked about guys guys and guys .. But what is it that upsets me? I went to almost every girl I saw and began to introduce myself with the interest I have just GAMES ..

I thought at DreamHack they will understand  and me as a female gamer would not feel wierd or different in any way. But it was precisely here that I met that I did not want to face. They did look at me like if I was some kind of wierd monster and gave me ”the eye” if you know what I mean, I wondered what  the girls where gaming  and what made me most disappointed is that most of them did not play they were only there one day to meet guys they previously talked to over the Internet.  There were very few girls who really had a burning intesse for gaming and was there to game, I gave those girls positive comments and feedback.

But why are the majority of the girls on Dreamhack there for the guys and not for the Community of the digital culture that games have become? or am I just blind? did I just have a badluck finding them?

 Sure it can be seen as charming that the girls are there for the guys but still. So here I am struggling that gaming should not be a gender split word, you know not like either you girl gamer or gamer.. Im a gamer and you´re a gamer. Im Trying to prove to the world that you do not need to look in a certain kind of way to be gamer, you can look like a Barbie but still be a hardcore gamer. When I’ve been on interviews with  journalists who have no gaming background  they often says ”but you are so feminine and sweet,  how come that playing games?” I exist, I ´M HERE, I AM ME. Standards and ugly prejudices you will die when I´m finnish.  Anyhow this post maybe made you all go nuts in youre heads because of my bad english.. So I´m sorry for that.


2 svar to “”I´m at Dreamhack, don´t look at my legs man… ””

  1. Danielle juni 23, 2011 den 8:58 e m #

    Too bad i wasn’t there…As a female gamer, I would’ve talked about GAMES!. I mean JESUS christ you’re at DREAMHACK not the beach! Save the guy talk for later…

  2. PimPim juni 23, 2011 den 9:37 e m #

    But everyone who’s going to Dreamhack isn’t gamers either. They are just there for – just what you said, the community.


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