Reddit PROTEST all over BF3!!

13 Jun

Okey  so the reason why I did´nt sleep last night was because of all this negative comments and thoughts about bf3 on reddit.

So a lot of members of reddit are now having a big protest against EA  nad their release of battlefield 3.  After the announcement that ”the psychical warfare pack” which contains weapons, add-ons and maps.  Is exclusive to only on GAME and Gamestation store in UK, gamers began to get pissed.  according to battlefield fans EA and DICE are chopping bf3 sore-specific pre-order DLC. Weapons and gear are being cut our of the core game and made exclusive.  One of the comment on reddit was like this :

”There’s probably no chance that anyone is going to see this comment but I’ll leave it anyway. I have a very good relationship with a person at DICE, who I don’t want to out, who came to me when the physical warfare pack was announced to get me to look through forums to find negative feedback about the pack that he could give to his superiors at EA. He was pissed that they had announced it without the go ahead of DICE and wanted to show EA the reactions of the community. He said they now have to do similar packs in other country’s in order to keep the balance.”

So yes, the exclusives suck blue balls but it was EA marketing that did this and DICE knew nothing about it.

So a lot of people on reddit started to cancel their pre-oders and there where more than 1000 comment and what I could see there was A LOT of ”done.. now I cancel it”


”there  is only one weapon that is exclusive the rest is just day one matrial”



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