Duke Nukem + Nerdphilia

11 Jun

so last day I was hyper and watching the new duke nukem gameplay that was coming out and I was literally laughing my ass off.. Puting a rat in the microwave, being small as a toy with a light voice but still saying those mean less awesome comments and driving around in small  car smashing into fatuglypigs feets so they stopped and jumped on one feet and complaining about the pain.. but ops.. anyhow .. I love it so far,  can’t stop playing it in somehow its pretty addictive .. I missed that you can’t have a loot of weapon you can only have 2 not like before when you could have tons of different weapons. 

One guy said to me :  I don´t like duke nukem because that bad way they make women look, like sex symbols.

I said :  Have you ever played duke nukem before?  this is not 100% real stuff.. How many guys can be like duke = fu** the whole american army  this one guy can fix it all with he´s sterios and muscle.. I don´t think so.  I´m a woman and I don´t mind if there is some ”almost nude” girls in the game and the game seems to be ”made for men”  nope. I´m enjoy playing it but I´ve also played those last duke nukem games.

But at the same time I know that non of my girl friends would ever play this game, and I know that a lot of people out there = 75% Girls will be hating this game because of this ”bad way they look at women” me on an other hand while I was playing a manly friend of mine was in the other room, and some ”almost nude girl” showed up on the screen and I shouted to him ”COME AND SEE NUDE WOMEN!!!”

I dunno  maybe I´m one of the few gamergirls that really don´t care , and can really see the fun and humor in this game.. But on the other hand:


 I´m  daiting mr  Duke Nukem the Pc version,  so if you’re nice you can add me on steam  :  Nerdphilianerd


Ett svar to “Duke Nukem + Nerdphilia”

  1. Cheezebow juni 11, 2011 den 5:42 e m #

    I enjoyed reading this post 🙂
    Now im going back to Duke Nukem and kick some ass and slap some titties.


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