[PiiU] WiiU in my trash.

8 Jun

so  a lot of awesome stuff was showed up at E3 and one of the thing a loooooot of people was talking about was the Wii u..  okey  am I the only one that are not so damn hyper over this ”wiiu” thing ?!

the question is, are this really a console ?  or is this just a controll to the console?  Will we have our old wii console and just add wiiu control? if it is like that  then I don’t freaking need the WiiU,  the rumor I heard a weeks ago about Bf3 and Nintendo are sadly true?! EA is going to make games to Nintendos Wii u from now on,   I´m sorry but I don´t see a future of fps gaming on nintendo and this wiiu hyper was not very interesting.

I don´t belive that this is going to be any good until it´s 100% and I get to try it, whatever you say.  Ofc the Nintendo have always been first with everyone and it feels right now that they are still in the top and sony and microsoft is a step behind.

The one thing I was happy over is that I can finally buy gameboy & gameboy colour games to my  Nintedo 3Ds I have been spending a few hours playing marioland 1 and Zelda Link´s Awakening on my 3DS  AWESOME!!

What are you’re thoughts of this Wiiu ? *puuh wiiiuuuu*

okej I found some new pic´s


2 svar to “[PiiU] WiiU in my trash.”

  1. Dennis Lehto juni 8, 2011 den 6:22 e m #

    The Wii U is a new controller AND a new console ;P it looks like the Wii, but it has more rounded corners and its HD! http://i52.tinypic.com/2rdjkwn.jpg

  2. Jonas juni 9, 2011 den 8:12 f m #

    Before I saw this I was really exited over the ”Wii 2”. It was supposed to have good graphics, a powerful CPU and an iPad-thingy as controller. Just the thought of how awesome it would be made me want to buy one right away.

    But now? Where is the improved graphics? Things still look like they did on the N64. I thought ”Wii 2” would be about innovation, instead I got the feeling that they talked more about making something Nintendo-users are used to and Gameboy games. (Nothing bad about Gameboy, just that emulation isn’t really anything new and exiting. I can play those games on my old PS2 already.)

    The controller on the other hand is interesting. It will open up a whole new way to play games that Move or Kinect can’t. The only thing I wonder about is how it will be to use it as a motion-control? It seems a bit big and doesn’t have a wriststrap. 🙂 (Looking forward to all ”WiiU Sports frisbee fail” videos on youtube.)

    I guess we will just have to wait and see. Maybe they are holding back on purpose to see what Sony and Microsoft are going to release. Cause WiiU should be capable to do so much more than what they showed on E3.


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