New AMAZING Tomb Raider Trailer

3 Jun

I don´t like that they call this game ”Tomb Raider”  they could call it something else because this is not like the old tomb raider with lara craft with huge bobs and tiny waist ^^

This is more a normal young girl fighting for her life, more action and more feelings!

The trailer looks awesome and hell yeah I´m going to buy this game!


2 svar to “New AMAZING Tomb Raider Trailer”

  1. Bummi juni 6, 2011 den 4:25 e m #

    I agree, looks awesome! A much more realistic and vulnerable Lara is definitely more interesting.

  2. geeforce juni 9, 2011 den 2:51 e m #

    Dooh.. Lara Croft shouldnt be whining and crying for help…! That has got to be her younger sister or something.. :-/ Or is it supposed to be some kind of prequel?


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