Todays Tip: Gaming Gloves!

24 Maj

So Yeah I know that 95% of all the swedish girl bloggers in my age are talking about clothing and fashion ,  and while they´re in clothing stores checking out weird dresses.  I´m in GameStop checking out if I can find some cheep games ^^

AND NOW.. I´m about to be little more ”girly”  So look this is an accessory (woop woop achivement unlockt talking in a girly way)  This is actually one of my roomies bicycle gloves, but he also wearing them while he´s playing NFS/shift on his ps3 and while I was spending hours playing La. Noire he allowed me to try them and hell yeah they are perfect for gaming, you now when you game for hours you´re fingers and hands getting pretty warm and stuff so the controller aint in CONTROL if you get what I mean.  But with these gloves I can drive my police car for hours.

So now I need to buy myself some biking gloves or  GAMING gloves as I call them from now on.

Gaming gloves Vs Other accessory =  1-0



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