La. Noire : I’m one hell of an awesome cop!

22 Maj

One of my biggest dream as a young nerdkid was that someday I´ll become a police officer, When all the other girls where playing with Imaginary horses and families I was always the police,  horsepolice, Aunt police,  I often called myself ”Hedvig Polis”  I have noo idea why so don’t ask me haha.

So when I realize that La. Noire was coming out I wasnt super happy at first because all the other policegames I have been playing have been bad and all the CSI games is maybe the worst games EVER and I´m not a big fan of all those rockstar games like GTA , RDR and more. But Here we have La.Noire today I have been playing like 14 hours I´m the best cop EVER or yeah sometimes I smash into other cars and making damage on the city and try to kill people on the street just because it´s a rockstar game halloooo. But killing random people on the steet is a big NO NO or Ajjabajja as I should say in Swedish ^^ firing your gun whenever you like and at whomever you like is not spouse to do in this game if you want that  then this game is not for you. LA Noire is more of a puzzle game than anything else where the puzzles are the cases and the detail and depth of the cases is staggering… Simply AWESOME

But So far I´m pretty much hooked, its like a good movie the first 10 hours of playing you just cant stop playing.  You get a case, you go to the scene of the crime,look for clues, then interrogate the witnesses and while questioning someone after they make a statement you choose how respond with three choices: Truth, Doubt or lie. You can tell it by their body language and prior clues, Sometimes its easy but sometimes its really hard.  Overall right now the game is pretty awesome!   I´ll tell you more about it later in a Video Review!




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