BF3 + Karkand, DICE can I marry you?!

12 Maj

When I saw the battlefield blog post about  ”karand & BF3”  I was like this:

Karkand give me flashback from awesome rounds in Battlefield 2, one of my favorite map of all time.   LISEN PEOPLE. Anyone who preoders Battlefield 3 will receive they first themed expansion pack. Maybe I should thnx the Lead Designer Niklas Feagraeus  becouse he got the assingment to lead the expansion pack and ofc he went to the four most loved maps in the battlefield history.

This are :  Strike at karkans, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula. 

IM EXCITED , I guess you are to… Preord NOW NOW NOW !! 

So E-five  and lets make the happy-noob-dance   =D =D =D  *wallawallabingbing*


4 svar to “BF3 + Karkand, DICE can I marry you?!”

  1. Ocb6636 maj 12, 2011 den 11:16 f m #

    You might want to take that last post down, your fans in the US might take that as a bit racist… Actually alot racist

    • Nerdphilia maj 12, 2011 den 11:51 f m #

      Woooooot?! My last post is about a life size halo dude in lego!

      • Chiron maj 21, 2011 den 10:00 e m #

        That was crazy! Was a good idea he started with the best bit first tho, was the hardest looking bit and best looking so it sets the main picture as an awesome one 😀

  2. Chiron maj 14, 2011 den 6:37 e m #

    Lmao at crazy newbies battlefield 😛 Nice vid 😀


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