”Girls play videogames like hamsters!”

10 Maj

I have been sick and have been gaming  and raving rabbits where one of the game,  I use to play it on my wii a few years ago and its so crazy but the mini games are pretty fun.  But then I saw this.. Everytime I won I got comments..

 but these comments where comments that made you feel:

”youre good but not really GOOD” . 

The Comment I got where meaningless comments like:

 ”better than my little sister”  ”better than my hamster”.

So we heard it all before ”girls don´t play games” and ”girl´s arent good at videogames” , but young girls are like young boys. Or if I change my gender will I automatic become good at games?!..why did I never get commen like ”better than my little brother” or If I got a comment like that should I feel proud?!  just becuse I´m better than a boy?!


Ett svar to “”Girls play videogames like hamsters!””

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