Oh no ”New Kinect Game Mat”

6 Maj

So am I the only one who it kinda tired of this mat here and mat there  in the video gaming world.. I´m not suprised that I´m earlier today read this news ”new kinect game mat”  Oh really..?!

First we have those dancing stage mat that was  awesome when you were playing dancing stage,but  you don´t take the time to hide the mat afterwards because it takes so much space so it´s just laying there on the floor looking ugly.

Thats the same with this new kinect game mat, well its good for some reasons but not at home plz,  I know it should be awesome in my work when I´m showing the kinect to new people who never seen or tryied the kinect before . But its freaking 2011 I don´t want a mat anymore. So this is how the kinect game mat looks like :

 Kin-Mat_kid_Black trim_LoSM

its an great ide becuse the kinect don´t always reconize everything that well ^^

”. The Game Mat has padded protection for your floors and is precisely sized to establish a clear visual guide for an optimal play space when centered at a 4-6 foot distance from the Kinect’s camera.The game mat is of an optimal 55″ to 78″ size to fit almost any entertainment room, with enough space between each player also helps avoid any possible chances of bumping into each other while playing. Its colorful design delineates 1 and 2 player gaming zones to avoid losing track of where to stand. Even if a player does hop out of sensor range, it’s easy to quickly get back into the game with the help of the visual markings.”

And this is how it works :



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