South Korea bans anyone under 16 from playing online games after midnight!!

1 Maj

If you live in south Korea and are under 16 years old I feel sorry for you, maybe this is something good for teens that not focus on there school work and only playing starcraft and WoW all night long.
You will be banned from playing online video games later than midnight after lawmakers passed a new curfew law.
they say this about the new law ” bans anyone under 16 from playing online into the early hours – was passed by lawmakers worried about growing levels of addiction to gaming among youngsters.”

but at the same time how could they know if  I´m 10 or 24 ?

What do you think of the ban? is this a good law? should every country have this?


5 svar to “South Korea bans anyone under 16 from playing online games after midnight!!”

  1. PimPim maj 1, 2011 den 6:24 e m #

    I think it’s kind of logical and not that stupid either. Games is on another level in Korea thank to StarCraft so the children may get bigger problems with school and such if they play to much.

  2. Pepijn Gansevles maj 2, 2011 den 10:06 f m #

    When I was under 16 I didn’t play past 10 PM!
    So, I understand the law, but… Gaming past midnight IS more fun =)

  3. Dom maj 2, 2011 den 4:12 e m #

    They cant control it, like you said.

  4. pasta juni 11, 2011 den 9:40 e m #

    copypasta much?

  5. dacXlee augusti 2, 2011 den 2:58 e m #

    First of all, they know your age when you enter your citizen ID number while registrying the online gaming service.
    I agree they should be more concerned on their studies, but this kind of character, if they cannot play games, they will find another thing to distract them, such as movies, music, chatting, or just browsing internet pages, watching silly videos on YouTube etc. There are soooooo many ways to avoid homeworks and studies.
    As for the tragical accidents followed by gaming addiction that they have mentioned, it’s all about adults. The couple that starved their child was certainly not under 16, and the man who played games 5 days without a pause was, as they say, 32 year old. And then, people forget that these kinds of accidents are actually not so often and that mental problems are not caused mainly beacuse of games.
    Of course games can cause an addiction, but addiction itself must have its own background and a reason. Usually people who get a lot of stress are likely to get addicted. Weather it was cigarettes, alcoholo, drugs, eating, masturbation, going out, or videogames. These kind of people wanna have fun and forget their problems. So rather than making useless banning laws, they should rather research about the stress rate and what to do about that. If they really cared for the public health, that would be it. But the real reason is obviously something else that they don’t wanna talk about.


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