The History Behind One Girl And FPS Games!

23 Apr

I´m a blonde swedish girls who loves fps games, it´s nothing special about that or?  I think I get 1 mail everyday with the same questions ”why are you playing fps games?  and how come?”  a few week ago a friend of mine was at my place and she was checking out some of my games because she wanna play and she ending up staring at me and be lite ”Why do you only have tons of fps games? and boys games?”   that makes me think, and  thinking where it all start from.

I always dreamt of becoming a police, when all the other girls at the age of 6-7 where pretending they were princess and playing with horses I always was the police officer. I always knew that someday I´ll become a police officer but first I was going to the army.

I never get into the army, but I think that’s one of the reason why I´m playing a lot of fps games.  The first fps game that I was really fascinated about  was Battlefield 1942, I can still remember the tanks and how I felt playing it and don’t know what to do instead of shooting them down haha,  after that  I played half-life and spend a tons of hours in front of counterstrike.  Ending school I was something that we call in Sweden an ”under nurse”  so directly after school i moved to a place I never been to before ..Jönköping,  I started to study to become a nurse and my passion for games growed  .. at the end nursing school wasnt funny any more I had no friends there who had the same intress like me, so I use to go to the yellow school (Tech college) where all my nerd friends went to =) They may be the best friends I  will ever know. I was planing to move home but then Andreas Westman stoped me and let me work for him in  a soon-to-be project called SpelArena you will hear more about him and about SpelArena in the future.

So from dreaming of becoming a police or working in the army  fps games are something that can take me closer to it, my dream is right there in the game and I´m in the game I´m changing the world in the game.  Right now I´m having the best job EVER, I really love it and the people I´m working with, and the best of all I can be 100% me.

So I came from police dream -> nursing-> gaming -> ?

I’m turning 21 next week..I´m not old …get!

BUT my passion for fps game will grow!

I got my closest and my best e-friends  from playing bfbc2, I´m playing with a lot of diffrent people, and love to meet new gamers online on xbox live!


Ett svar to “The History Behind One Girl And FPS Games!”

  1. ickerolig april 26, 2011 den 6:06 e m #

    A fun and interesting text. More like this on the blog please, it´s more entertaining to read real texts instead of short lists of the days activities.

    It´s only Petter Hegevalls blog at gamereactor that I follow but ur a possible candidate if ur continuing like ur doing. MVH/ickerolig


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