R.i.p Nerdphilia´s love nr 2

11 Apr

So R.i.p  Nerdphilias noob computer..

it’s now dead but I hope I can keep on upload posts

and vlogs anyway somehow. My crysis 2 rewive is

done but I have to edit it again because the death of my

computer  so it´s comming up this week!

i´m also going to work on my english and start study english

on my spare time. *applause* I guess its time for that now.

Anyone else looking forward to Duke nukem´s relese ?

I guess I should be mad over this new trailer with

”cheep ladies” hahah but i´m not.

Thats Duke nukem!

But I know there will be a lot of talking

and discussions about this.  If you havent seen it get.

Check it out bellow!

Then I just wanna say thank you for you´re support and awesome comment on youtube!



Ett svar to “R.i.p Nerdphilia´s love nr 2”

  1. PimPim april 11, 2011 den 12:02 e m #

    Duke Nukem Forever – YEAH! Boobs and babes and guns and chewing gum here we come!

    (no, I’m not buying the game. Maybe at an outsale if there isn’t anything else to buy – and it always is…


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