Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

5 Apr
For those of you who have not given what I think isthe best game ever made a fair chance, or you PC people who refuse to play fps games on the console,  OR  simply for those of you who have´nt been able to afford it before.  I’m about to talk about  Battlefield ofc.  If you´re a Xbox Live Gold member, you will have the opportunity to purchase these titles on the list below at a discounted price and save up to 50%.
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2:
  • Vietnam-600 Microsoft Points
  • Onslaught Mode-200 Microsoft Points
  • Kit Shortcut Bundle Pack 600 Microsoft Points
  • Specact Upgrade Bundle-240 Microsoft Points
  • Battlefield 1943 – 600 Microsoft Points
This discount is in progress to the 11April, so what are you waiting for?



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