10 GameBoy Accessories I Bet You Never Knew Existed!

3 Apr

Gameboy will always be my NR1 console just because it was my first own console, I got my gameboy pocket in yellow when i was 7-8  it was mine not my brothers!  But I have always been that litle sister who played at her brothers consoles when they where at school or not home. Mohaha but we had our Gameboy orginal with us on every vacation and everyone in my family played on it. Tetris FTW?  Good old days..now my mum didnt know that nintendo DS  exist when I talked about the 3ds i told her ”it´s a gameboy but … ehm.. a gameboy from the future!” I really need to show her the 3ds when i get home.  Any how…  I´m about to show you some game boy accessories I bet you never knew existed.

how about the PediSedate:

game boy

game boy

A device that sends out nitrous oxide to anyone playing? Sounds like something Pedobear might adopt.  the PediSedate helps to monitor respiratory functions.  the question is does this really work?!

Game Boy Pocket Sonar:

game boy

game boy

game boy

HAHAHHAHA this may be one of the biggest LOL!  When your parents tells you that you need to go outside and enjoy the nature, you just show them this Bandai´s pocket Sonar.. The nerest schools of  for fishing!

Game Boy Advance Video

game boy

I had never heard about this before,  I´m watching videos in my psp when I´m going by train but in my gameboy?  ZOMG !

Work Boy

game boy

By turning the Game Boy into a PDA, FabTek (yes, that’s really the company’s name) lets users plug in a keyboard and turns the device into a portable Word Processor of sorts. What else were you supposed to do in 1992?

Mobile Adapter GB

game boy

game boy
Nintendo was doing it way before xbox live  with this mobile adapter GB.  By hooking up a cell phone to the Game Boy Color or Advance, players could play games like Pokemon Crystal and Mario Kart: Super Circuit online.



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