Gaming is for EVERYONE!

28 Mar

I found an interesting and inspiring article , You may have heard about the Xbox 360 controller that recently debuted at CES called,The Avenger (N-Control). This gaming peripheral has received rave reviews from critics across the web as a device to step your gaming up to a whole new level. an AWESOME LEVEL!!

Danny Lamaraca age 16, is like every other teenage boy, wanting to be included in what everyone eles is doing and ofcourse he wanting to play the next big video game like everyone else, but he have a problem…  He was born with a disordes known as Epidermolysis  which would make it a painful experience to handle the controller, His hands and fingers are also very small. Danny felt frustated that he couldn´t play games like he wanted. Eventually he voiced his concern to his high school art teacher David Kotkin.  This  school teacher could have said a few consoling words, thrown in a “you’ll find a way,” or “hang in there,” like everyone else and went on with life as is so common in these days; but he took it a step further and made it his determination to help this kid play. He´s a true gaming hero!!

David Kotkin did everything to make this kid’s dream possible. Kotkin who has Dyslexia commented, “Dyslexia has made me see things where other people don’t… The curse became a blessing in a way.”

The Avenger started with a very peculiar and complex blend of popsicle sticks, glue, tape, and strings that Kotkin put together. After this combination was put together, he handed it over to Danny who tried it out on CoD that very night. For the first time, he won a team match on CoD and ranked 4th out of the 15 players in that game. From there on the development of the device took off.

The story brought a smile to my face this morning knowing that there are people out there who would help.

The final words of the article concluded with a letter from Danny to his school’s principal,

”Thanks to Mr. Kotkin, I am starting to think that being different isn’t so bad.”

It’s one of those feel good stories,Great things can be born from trials even in the video gaming world.If you want to support the N-Control Avenger, visit the official website.




Ett svar to “Gaming is for EVERYONE!”

  1. Yubel mars 28, 2011 den 8:07 e m #

    what can i say there’s always a way you can help someone who is less fortunate than you, and Gaming Shouldn’t be no excpetion.

    This is Truly one Xbox Acheivement none of us will ever imagine to reach.


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