Xbox LIVE Player Scams Kid Out of $500

21 Mar


14 year old Zach Grant will think twice next time an offer from someone over Xbox LIVE seems too good to be true..the key is Microsoft points.. oooh scarry.

But this is nothing new so I hope Microsoft do something now, Zach was playing a game over Xbox LIVE, when he was contacted by another player who told him he could get Microsoft Points if he gave him the right information. Zach wanted it SO BAD so he gave the information he asked for.

Unfortunately the player used the information to charge movies and games to Zach’s father’s credit card. Racking up over $500 in charges.

Wake up Microsoft this is the 3 in this year that the news brings up!


The internet world is talking a lot about this young man right now people are wondering if he give he´s information out on internet is he really mentally developed enough to being playing Halo Reach?  I have my thoughts about that to but its an other post.


2 svar to “Xbox LIVE Player Scams Kid Out of $500”

  1. Charles-William Guay mars 21, 2011 den 9:56 f m #

    Also, 14 year old kid playing war video game…sigh..

  2. PimPim mars 21, 2011 den 5:16 e m #

    It’s a common problem with all people, not only with 14 year old kids who’s playing on Xbox Live. People just have to think twice before they do anything =)


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