Retro Nerdphilia Called and wanted 8-bit DATE?!

20 Mar

I have been dreaming literally about Nintendo 8bit .. Castlevania and all this other awesome nintendo games.No RROD or ”disc can’t be read”  or whining 12 year old destroying your gaming mode. Just blow in you’re game and its GAME ON! yeah im living with 4 other geeks but we don’t have any NES!!!!! I’m still up.. it’s almost morning.. I´m awake listening to sad love songs and dreaming about NES..I’m such a nerd.
Good Night!



3 svar to “Retro Nerdphilia Called and wanted 8-bit DATE?!”

  1. PimPim mars 20, 2011 den 1:36 f m #

    Blow is the biggest no-no on retro games. Moisture and salt makes the pins oxid and that’s why they fail. Just keep them clean and everything will be perfect! Almost all my games works at the first try – without blowing!

    You can mute the annoying kids. I think I never could play online if I had those fuckers shouting in my ear. But yes. Sitting alone (or with a friend) and play single player games on NES, SNES, PS or what ever. Good times!

  2. Mel mars 20, 2011 den 1:37 f m #

    hahaha :p you are right we should appreciate more the NES . Really good post!

  3. Markus mars 20, 2011 den 4:02 e m #

    I love Castlevania and collect NES games myself. So I’m glad to see you write about the 8-bit machine. 🙂 But at the same time sad that you don’t have a NES!


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