Swedish Computergame awards 2011

19 Mar

So I´ve been at the swedish computer game awards, Eating onomnom food and meet a lot of  awesome internet people , I meet a few people from DICE & EA and other gamer blogger and radiogamer (Nr1 Swedish gaming podcast)  The night was awesome,  I tried the Nintendo 3DS  and its not that bad. I´m impress,  if I someday having money over to fun instead of survive than I think I would buy myself a  Nintendo 3DS.

As a lot of you know I’m a HUGE fan of DICE´s work and they were super kind,  its fun to  actully met a few of them. *PICTURE TIME*

Look at his BFBC2 shirt?!  awesome!!!

DICE got a few prices:

  • Best Swedish game
  • This Year´s top selling game in sweden
  • MDTS Honorary Prize:  to The Founding of the DICE


I will make a  vlog later where I tell you more about the awards and  everything  but here is a few picture on some awesome internet people who i Meet! =)

Nerdphilia &  The one and only  RadioGamer , They got a price for the best podcast! WELL DONE!

One of my favorite blogs,  GamingGrannar  they make awesome vlogs as well!

Xboxflickan & Hamster


2 svar to “Swedish Computergame awards 2011”

  1. DAVE mars 19, 2011 den 9:28 f m #

    Yeeay! It was fun to say hello to you 😀 And we hope you liked our Nerdphila-vlog-intro-shoulder-dance 😀 Hope we meet soon again//GamingGrannar

    • Nerdphilia mars 19, 2011 den 1:21 e m #

      yeah, ofcourse I LOVED IT! 😀 hahaha you guys are so funny, yeah hope I meet you all again soon.. congrats on 3th place 😀


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