Let Nerds Be Nerds !

16 Mar

She´s blonde,  always happy, tall, and she say she  like games are she on drugs?..  im so wrong..  People often think im a dumb blonde who just talking games to get attention.. But when people start to know me they´re like ”wtf.. ure crazy, funny and dont care what people say about you”

But people are ugly. I never point at a person and think or say ugly things before I talked with them and know them.
Im not perfect, i can´t spell,I´m writing and talking in english, I Can´t even speak or write in english so damn well.. But who cares? people who are pointing all those small things are destroyers not for me but for others.. I don´t care any more, I´m doing this for me not for some spelling class. I love this and this is my life..   BUT There  are a lot of people out there that wanna do this, blog, vlog for the world as gamers, talk about the thing they really love.. But they don´t dear becuse of haters and people pointing at small things like the spelling.Plz people.. I got a few mails now –” I want to do this but I can´t”
I wanna help those people so bad, I wanna put them into the place where I am now, but I am no harry potter.
Gaming have been helping me a lot in my life, I have been fat,ugly and bulled but gaming and my internet friends have always been there for me.. And now I´m me , I know who I am and HELL YEAH I´m here for you!
I know how it´s feels to be alone. Thats one of the reason why i always say ”Don´t forget that you´re awesome just the way you are”  BEACUSE YOU ARE! I know some of you really needs to hear that..  Smile, game and follow you´re dream don´t let anyone stop you! 🙂

And Nerdphilia will always be by you´re side!


3 svar to “Let Nerds Be Nerds !”

  1. Stuuel mars 16, 2011 den 8:38 f m #

    The Problem is, that the hater dont know about our gamer culture. I mean they just hear in th TV that someone killed people and he has played Video games. Then these people think that all gamers are like that. We need a World Gamers Day , where we educate these people and show them our culture.

  2. Yownas mars 16, 2011 den 8:39 f m #

    Två muggar kaffe och det känns som att man aldrig ska komma igång. En positiv blog-post med en glad, gul, pingis-boll senare och dagen har fått en bra början. 🙂

  3. Charles-William Guay mars 16, 2011 den 9:25 f m #

    Yeah! I mean, how dare you exist!

    At first impression, you are kinda the personnification of the nerdy gamer phantasm. (athought, some are desperate enough that just a girl gamer is enough)

    Then we get to know you a bit better in your videos and that impression dosen’t change XD


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