Video games = today´s board game!

14 Mar

I believe that games and digital culture is the future and I bet the younger generation often agree with that. But when I talk with older people (45-50+) about the digital culture and my work, They always comment:  ”Can´t you play board games with teens instead of video games?, it is more socially” They don´t  understand that today’s board game is actually video games, there are many games as dance center and  kinect games. Like wii it´s a console which I classify as a ”family-fun” console. I don´t play often on my wii but on our gaming nights we use it frequently!  What can we do to show to people that this is the future? and that videogames can be even more fun!  I bet we just have to show and tell.. I´m working on it!



2 svar to “Video games = today´s board game!”

  1. PimPim mars 16, 2011 den 1:12 e m #

    Why do we need to just play video games or board games? Why don’t play both? I play Monopoly, Trival Pursuit and cards when I hang out with my friends. It’s great, it’s social and everyone doesn’t play video games. And you can just do so much with the party games on Wii.
    Both are fun and I don’t want to miss out on any of them.

  2. William augusti 14, 2011 den 10:54 e m #

    I dunno, I can never work up all that much interest in video games (although I do have a Wii with a number of games for it); today’s board games are just so much better 🙂


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