Achivement unlockt : FIND GAMER GIRLS!

9 Mar

Last Night there was a Gaming night for girls at the library in Jönköping,  mario kart competition and art made of beads and FINALLY  I got to meet girls that wanted to be there and wanted to game and everything.  They was all so kind  and willing to try new things and there was a lot of talking about final fantasy 🙂

BUT THE BEST PART :  They wanted more nights like that night,  My goal is to find girls with similar interests and provide the opportunity to talk to each other and just hang out with girls who share the same interests,  just because I know how difficult it was for me to find girls to play with or just talk with about gaming when I was younger, I had 2 friends that played CS for a while but some month I was alone again and the only girl with all the boys again. I have never had any problem with that, I’m probably someone you would call a ”tomboy”. But HEY : I am so happy that we find these  girls and we got such good response ! it is now Nerdphilia screams * E-FIIIIIIIVVVVVVVE * GEEKS!

(picture from SpelArena @facebook)


Ett svar to “Achivement unlockt : FIND GAMER GIRLS!”

  1. PimPim mars 16, 2011 den 1:15 e m #

    And you finally got there! Great job! Damn I’m impressed 😀


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