Guest Post: Let your children play Battlefield 3!

3 Mar

I have awesome readers that send me awesome guest post, this one is from from Jonas stare (

Let your children play Battlefield 3.
It started when I saw the trailer for Naughty Bear for the PS3. For those who doesn’t know the game it is about a bear who is bullied and a voice in his head basically tells him to kill all the other bears to get back at them. It is mega cute and mega brutal and the contrast makes it an hillarious game.
”A game for grown ups.”, I thought and looked at the PEGI rating. 12. … 12! 12? When I was a kid you had to be 15 (might even have been 18) to play Dracula, a text adventure, on the Commodore 64.
How could a text adventure with some pictures be more scary than teddy bears getting their heads bashed in? And why does Naughty Bear have the same rating as Guitar Hero? Aparently Guitar Hero is marked 12 cause of ”strong language”. I dreaded the day when my children would have their 12th birthday. ”Congratulations! Today you are old enough to yell profanities and hit bears in the head until they stop moving.” Oh dear, are PEGI incompetent? Can you really trust their ratings? Or maybe I just missed something important.
To be fair, PEGI does a rather good job. You can quickly take a look at a game and get a feeling of what is inside the game before you let a kid play it. But ”Cartoon violence” seem to be a very broad definition. Me and my son can smash hundreds of criminals in LEGO Batman without even coming close to the brutality of one unlucky foe in Naughty Bear.
And maybe that is what is important? The story, the message or feeling the game is trying to give to you.

Naughty Bear tries to chock you. You play it and laugh at the horrible bear, if you are mature enough to see it that way. In Modern Warfare 2 you could play as a terrorist that shoot unarmed people in an airport. Horrible? Yes. But it is not like it is much worse than anything you can see on the news. And again, if you are mature enough maybe it will make you think about what happens in the world. Silent Hill or Amnesia will scare you. Why would anyone want that? Because if you are mature enough you might actually enjoy getting terrified without any real danger. On the other hand I played a demo for a helicopter game on my PS3. One of the missions was about using the IR-camera. No blood. No gore. Just white siluettes falling down when I fired the guns. But the realism and the fact that I was ”killing” something that didn’t even have a chance to fight back made me feel uneasy.
In other words. It is not about if you are OLD enough to handle the CONTENT, the blood, drug references and nudity are not what you need to afraid of. It is about if you are MATURE enough to handle the CONTEXT. What  are the game designers trying to make me feel? Can I experience it and still feel entertained?
Next time you decide to pick up a game for someone, don’t base your choise only on what’s printed on the box, do some research. Youtube has alot of gameplay videos that you can take a look at. Game reviews and comments can give a hint about what others thought. But in the end it is about what YOU think and what YOU want to get from the game. And just because the game contains violence doesn’t mean it is a dangerous and horrible game. I don’t think I’ve had any better talk to my son about violence and the importance of helping others than I’ve had during a game of LEGO Batman.
Oh, right…about the title. Would you let them?
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Ett svar to “Guest Post: Let your children play Battlefield 3!”

  1. nurseirie mars 4, 2011 den 10:07 e m #

    Im totally with you. My 14y daughter cant wait.


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